• It’s about time to start nailing down dates for our US trip in August-September. I’m just now getting back in my routine after the last jaunt northward. Aside from the sliding date for the arrival of Eden Lynne, anywhere in the last half of August (go for the 24th, gal!), we now have a specific slot to wet our pencils on: Aug. 15, Madison AL. Let’s see, where’s am I going to post this next itinerary?

• Yesterday’s game left many long faces in Brazil, more so because of Netherlands’ bad playing and blind reffing. But the losers have to have a justification, right? The meal at Anibal and Ana Paula’s provided plenty of degustation, however, and the company was great. We got there for the start of the game at 11 a.m., and got home after 4 p.m. I had had thoughts of going to the office afterwards. Didn’t happen.

• June was a blank for Quick Bible Truths. What a shame. New tweet on that account today. Good one, too.

• Mon.-Fri., I filled in for Richard Mansel, picking up Forthright Magazine, while he was on vacation. Felt almost strange posting articles to the website and sending out the emails. Has been a while since I did that. FMag is bless to have Richard’s dedication applied to managing it.

• A friend talks about me speaking Portagee. A bit of research reveals that term, originally derogatory, was used also in Hawaii of people who went to work there from Madeiras Island. Wikipedia says the ukulele, seen as a typical Hawaiian instrument, comes from those Portuguese immigrants. Whoda thunk it? And a sausage, too, that sounds like the one we grill at churrascos.

• Meeting of men and of women from SJC this afternoon. Women talk Bible, men do business. Not all business, but mostly. Then we all eat together afterwards.

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