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An American brother had difficulty finding the church in SJCampos. Here’s an attempt at fixing that.

He works for one of the industries here, but lives in the U.S. He had a hard time finding us on the Internet.

Perhaps this new little website will help future prospective visitors.

Update: After uploading an overview of the work in Brazil as a whole, I’ve invited feedback from a number of people, which they may do by email to me or by comments below.

Update 2: The site link has been changed to reflect its new home, but still on a TiddlyWiki, this time editable online.

J. Randal Matheny

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3 thoughts on “Easier to find

  1. Thanks, Aida. Unfortunately, both links you mention are woefully out of date. I checked the SJC data and the former is at least 6 years outdated, the latter 10! So I don’t consider them sites that provide updated information.

  2. Your survey is good, but is only a survey. It needs much beefing up. I have histories of the work in Brazil, if I can find them. They date back to earlier attempts by Boyer and Smith to establish the church in Brazil and then, in about 1957, Arlie Smith’s efforts.

    Breakthrough Brazil was launched at the Pan-American Lectures, held in Belo Horizonte in 1974, with 10 cities targeted. With the work in Niteroi now just beginning, all 10 have seen the church launched there. Eventually, this outreach was absorbed into Continent of Great Cities, which now recruits teams for all of Latin America and even Miami. The result is somewhat less emphasis now on Brazil.

    I tried several years ago to write a history of the work in Brazil in book form. I requested input from each major center of work, but the response was almost zero. If you can accomplish this, more power to you and I will help all I can. Fraternally, Glover

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