Hahahah hahahaha hahahaha hahaha! This author had the shades over his eyes. Believed what he was told by a politician without a record. Mashable needs to — absolutely, very seriously — update this article from 2009. Before they lose their audience’s trust.

7. Be Transparent. Matthew Zachary of the I’m Too Young For This Foundation once said to me that his organization was “Obama-like” in terms of transparency. For any project using your audience’s money, you too have to be “Obama-like” in your transparency. Public budgets, public documents, public receipts, even your emails should be public. Not everything has to be released in the early stages — many crowdfunders fear the loss of their idea to a competitor — but when the project is in motion, open your vaults.

via 10 Things You Must Do to Earn Your Audience’s Trust.

Otherwise, the article is pretty good.

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