individualityPeople today are treated as members of a group. There’s much talk about the various generations and their characteristics. Media adopted massification, a term which the dictionary defines as the “adaptation of a phenomenon to the masses, to a great number of people, by the suppression of differentiating characteristics which it presented.”

We don’t have names any more, but numbers.

But I hope to see you right away, and we will speak face to face. Peace be with you. The friends here greet you. Greet the friends there by name.
3 John 14 NET

By name. In God’s family, there are friends, brothers and sisters, individuals. We know each other, rather than being a part of a group in which we lose our identity, our individuality.

Although John, in his letter to Gaius, couldn’t cite all the names for lack of space, certainly he thought of the name of each one in the congregation in which Gaius was a part. And he wanted him to transmit that individual warmth.

God knows my name. And my brethren do, as well.

Photo: Jessi Boddy and Deirdra Haught Miller, cooking at W.V. Christian Youth Camp, used by permission.

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