E-Sword with some good resources

I’ve not been terribly impressed with the freebie Bible software. Sometimes some good Bible versions are available, but usually it’s old stuff, out of date, and just not that useful. But Rick Meyer’s E-Sword.net has some good versions and options that are changing my mind.

I had downloaded his software some time back, but didn’t really use it. After all, I have versions galore, TDNT, NIDNTT, BAGD, Louw & Nida, etc., etc.

But now he has available the ESV and NET versions available. That makes things very interesting. Except the latter doesn’t include all the notes; they want 20 bucks for that, and this from a version made specifically for the Internet. Well, can’t have everything, I guess.

But I may be using E-Sword more now, already have been, especially when it comes to version comparison.

Now, Rick, how about a few more Portuguese versions, and English to boot? (OK, so I’m greedy.)

J. Randal Matheny

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