Driscoll debacle provides hard lesson for those who drool after megachurch success

When men get away from the Bible, these are the types of things that happen, and they are not atypical.

The church’s bylaws, which spell out how the church is governed, are not public.

Itching ears will submit to anything. That’s how Mark Driscoll could assemble an empire.

There’s no accountability. The so-called pastors who wrote their letter about Driscoll might want to consider resigning, since they supported his system. They can hardly claim integrity.

The Bible explains how the church is governed. That explanation is public and open to all.

The sum of it: Jesus leads, and the flock follows. Christ is the head, and the members of the body exercise their gifts for the edification of all the for the evangelism of the world.

Let our own brethren who race to megachurch leaders like Driscoll learn a lesson. Such famous denominational names don’t hold the key to success in God’s eyes. But maybe some of our brethren aren’t looking for the kind of success that matters to him.

By following denominational practices, God is not glorified.

J. Randal Matheny

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