Drafted to lead singing

I got drafted at the last minute this morning in SJCampos to lead singing. I was on the reception roster, it was visitor’s day, and we had a new song leader up who doesn’t take too much care to work on his singing. So Otavio and the worship leader asked if I would do it. I probably should have declined, so as not to cause a problem later with the song leader. But I didn’t think it through and accepted.

After the meeting, I felt very tired. But eating lunch at the building helped recharge me. Still, we went home soon afterwards and I was able to nap for close to an hour before heading to Taubaté.

As usual, at Taubaté I led singing and preached. Today, I used — and acknowledged — somebody else’s ideas. Charles Box analyzed the Great Banquet Parable in Luke 14 as an opportunity offered, rejected, and lost (I’m retranslating from Portuguese). So I took the three terms and developed them myself.

Rarely do I use material like that from someone else’s articles or sermons. I don’t even reuse my own stuff. 🙂

J. Randal Matheny

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