“62 percent [of doctors surveyed] believed that using placebo treatment was ethically acceptable” (Fox).

Only 5% of those said they were giving an explicitly placebo treatment.

In other words, most doctors at some time give a placebo treatment and deceive their patients.

Fox News reported the study, but the headline pared down the percentage.

Here’s the bottom line: doctors are too busy to work with the patient, but are more than ready to write up a prescription and take his money. They are not public servants, but money grabbers. Surgeons are the worst of all. Their knee-jerk response is to operate. We just went through this here with Vicki. And we found a treatment that (1) found the cause; (2) treating the cause, which the surgeon could not discover and could not solve.

Don’t trust your doctor. Take your health into your own hands. You’ll be better for it.

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  1. That’s for sure, Mike. That and a pinch of salt thrown over the shoulder. Well, maybe you can forgo the salt. 🙂

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