A gentleman on Twitter quoted Bill Piper, “Christians who don’t share their faith can’t be really happy,” and then added, “I think he’s right.” I suspect that’s correct as well. But there’s a more important side of that to consider.

So I replied, “Whether they’re happy or not, I can’t say. I do know that God isn’t happy when Christians don’t share their faith.”

Let’s see, God gave his only Son, who gave up the glories of divinity to become a human being, submit himself to the lowly human condition and then experience death, and adding insult to injury, death on a cross. Then he delivers the ambassadorial task into the hands of that band of followers called Christians, who, like Christ, are to suffer for the salvation of the world (though not vicariously), so that all may hear the gospel and be saved.

And that Christian (so-called!) who doesn’t fulfill that task? Can we imagine under some sun of the universe that God will still be pleased with him?

Don’t make God unhappy. Do your job.

What do you think?