When police asked a hit-and-run driver last week in Van Buren, Ark., why she left the scene without stopping she said, “I left because I didn’t want my ice cream to melt.”

Now this woman has her priorities straight! After all, it was hot that day. Never mind that she had rear-ended a car, caused damage, and—who knows—might have injured the other driver.

But you can’t let your ice cream melt.

Her reason is flimsy and sounds half-baked. (Sorry, pun intended.)

But don’t our reasons for not giving the Lord our complete service, our entire selves, our best efforts, sound a lot like the hit-and-run driver?

Our souls are in danger of eternity distant from God and we’re worried about melting ice cream.

Our neighbor plummets toward destruction and we’re rearranging the what-nots on the shelf.

Today is the day of salvation. The service of God awaits. Who will answer his call?

“Amasiah son of Zicri, … volunteered himself for the service of the Lord” (2 Chronicles 17:16 NIV).


One thought on “Don’t let my ice cream melt

  1. enjoyed the read. Hopefully I won’t be found worrying over my whatnots. I would like a report from Lar Cristo childrens home if possible for the Maryneal, TX Church of Christ. YOu can send it to my email. Thanks. God bless.

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