Don’t call me at 10 pm your time

DST removed an hour from our sleep last night, so be aware that you in American Central Time are now four hours behind us. (Oops, that is, after you go off DST there.) If it’s 9 am here, it’s 5 am there. Please don’t call me at 10 pm your time.

Time for this prayer.

The RCC main man Francis talks about solidarity. Christians show it, among many, many other ways, by coming together on the first day to edify one another, Heb 10.24-25. Do show up.

Speak to your neighbor about Jesus. He probably won’t hear the truth otherwise. Jesus says it’s not an option.

The email to a few local saints and sinners today included Proverbs 18. This short commentary on the chapter got translated for them. Feedback has been good from the few who read.

YT reserves the right to a nap this afternoon, after the loss of an hour’s sleep. If he can last until the afternoon.

DD posted a major item yesterday on things being okay when just maybe they’re not okay. Good read.

Got in a little Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach last night, along with some lesser lights.

YT’s weird mind often tries out acronyms on phrases he thinks might be good to remember. Latest one: OPS — Only Positive Speech. To get that you have to OPT — Only Positive Thoughts. Now to remember it and, oh, yes, practice it, as per the prayer.

What’s going on in your head and life?

J. Randal Matheny

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