Doesn’t compute

I can’t figure this one out. Somebody help me.

A big church in Tennessee is sending a family to the mission field. The family is part of a mission team. The church’s website appears to teach the truths of the Bible.

The mission team members love Mike Cope and Wineskins magazine, among other progressives and liberals, evidenced by their links to them on their blogs.

Now the question: why would a church send a family with a mission team that values teachings that are a direct slap in the face of everything they hold dear?

This is not a rare thing. I see it over and over again on church and blog sites.

I’m at a loss for an explanation.

J. Randal Matheny

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4 thoughts on “Doesn’t compute

  1. Randall, It could be ignorance on the part of both the leadership of the congregation or of the missionaries. It could be lack of true leadership by the congregational leaders. It could be the congregational leaders have gone liberal but do not advertise their shift to avoid brotherhood pressure. I could go on and on but who really knows why some among us seem to be inconsistent. Who was it that said, “Consistency thou art a jewel?”

  2. The only thing I can think of is their need to do the mission work overcomes their ability to find someone worthy. However, this is no excuse at all because converting people to error doesn’t accomplish much.

    I tried out a church and the elders said that they didn’t send their kinds to Winterfest. Yet, their youth minister was, that very morning, telling the kids about going to Winterfest!

  3. I have noticed the inclination to accept the genuineness of others who are connected with the Lord’s church regardless of particular ideology. If one is sincerely doing what he thinks is right, many overlook that.

    I like the respect given to one’s sincereity, but there are two components to the equation.

  4. It says to me that the elders/mission committee did not do enough research on the missionary family. Frankly, I doubt that any of them checked the blog. If they did, then it must be that they are simply too uninformed about who’s who in (and out of) the brotherhood.

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