Vicki saw the doctor today, after a full battery of tests. This was her third trip to the São Paulo hospital this month.

The doc agreed to let her control the extra “wiring” in her heart (tachycardia) with medication, which she is already taking, but said if she later decided on an ablation, she could do that. And down the road it might become a necessity.

The EKG that was done here last year in SJC during one of her spells pretty much had confirmed the diagnosis. It was a question of seeing if the tests would show anything further, but everything was normal. I understand that when the extra wire isn’t firing, all looks good.

All tests were normal, except for slightly elevated cholesterol, which she suspects may be from using coconut oil more recently in cooking, which seems to be a more healthy alternative, not genetically reconfigured like most oils. So it’s back to sunflower or canola oil to see if the change will make a difference there. The doc said her chol level didn’t warrant meds, so that was a motive for thanksgiving.

So the word is, keep on doing what you’re doing, taking the meds you’re taking, but get the bad cholesterol level down.

Thanks so much for the prayers of so many of you. We’re grateful for the church family in São Paulo, especially Jorge and Paula and Valeria, who kept Vicki overnight and took her to the hospital and went with her for the tests and doctor’s visit. And for Valeria’s dad who got Vicki in this famous heart hospital through the government med program so that the tests and doctor’s visit cost us nothing.


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  1. Glad to hear about the news and the connections that helped to make the process a little smoother. I second John’s comments.

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