Do you read an online or print devotional?

See this list of brotherhood devotional writers at this link. The list could be enlarged. If you have someone to recommend, please note them, either below or at the comments area at the link above. At the link are also some requirements for inclusion.

Please note that I’m not looking for denominational writers, as good as some of them may be. Much good may be gleaned from them, when one is discerning, but much falsehood often lurks as well, ready to seep into the soul.

The TiddlyWiki software behind the WiseBible site is easy to add and revise. I don’t know how long that service, TiddlySpace, will be online, but for the time being we’re taking good advantage of it. I also have GoSpeak material and a personal space there as well, besides others.

I’d also be interested in hearing, below, your spiritual experiences in reading such devotionals regularly. Do you read just one, or several? How do you balance it with your own personal Bible reading? Do you do anything with your reading of devotional materials, such as notes, reuse, sharing, etc.?

J. Randal Matheny

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3 thoughts on “Do you read an online or print devotional?

  1. I have subscribed to over 20 that I get each day in my email. My favorite is Power For Today.

    1. Jake, do you have info on how to get PFT by email? Link, site, etc.? I’ll add that one.

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