brazil-mapA BZM report on visits, illness, travels, rains, generosity and devotional podcasting.

A couple of weeks ago we got a phone call from a sister in Christ from the northeast. Leda participates with the church in Bonoco, in the city of Salvador. She was here in SJCampos to visit friends before going on to Rio de Janeiro for a business conference. She took out time to go with us to a Mexican restaurant here. The waiter took a photo of all of us, which I posted on our Christian social network HERE.

Vicki has been feeling ill for several days, and yesterday had a fever. As a precautionary measure, we canceled our Bible study at the house. Would have been the last one before I traveled, so I hated to do that, but we thought it best, considering the risks.

retrocitypI’m preparing a visual presentation for my trip. Hoping to finish before getting on the plane! Question: is this background too distracting? I “greened” and darkened it for my use.

Heavy rains in the capital and around the state Tuesday killed seven people. (This CNN story is a bit out of date on the count.) We got rain here, but nothing like what others have seen. News also says we had a rare tornado down south.

Both the SJCampos and Taubate churches announced to me Sunday they’re going to give a one-time gift to help defray expenses of my trip. They would hear no word to the contrary. This was their iniative and their way of helping us replace funds for our personal support.

Also, the generous Lewisville TX church informed me a few days ago that they will pay my airfare there and back.

The weekly Podcast Cristao (Christian Podcast) produced by Joao Cruz of Sao Paulo and Edson Cruz of Curitiba now includes my Deus Conosco (God with Us) meditations in their 30-minute programs. Many of these devotionals have been translated on the site here.

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