Book of Revelation
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The book of Revelation opened with a blessing upon the reader and the hearer of the book. Now, it ends with a blessing upon those who obey its words. It is the one and same blessing.

“Look! I am coming soon! Blessed are those who obey the words of the prophecy in this book.”
Revelation 22:7 NIRV*

The book also ends with the triple invitation, “Come!” (verse 17). Jesus invites all to faithful followership, in face of persecution, but with his imminent coming as a promise. And with his coming, victory.

The great protagonist of history is not some world leader, some emperor or dictator or president, but the Lord Jesus Christ. Who changes history is Jesus. Who determines the end, which will be blessed for the faithful, is Jesus. Who writes the book that opens each step to the future is Jesus.

So the prayer that continually passes through the lips of the blessed because of the Lord is, “Come, Lord Jesus!” (verse 20).

*Most versions translate the Greek term as “keep” or “heed.” The NIRV gives the sense of the term as “obey.”

Blessed be the Lord! Praise to you, O God, for your faithfulness to your people. Happy are we, for your words are precious to us as the Way to life and joy. Amen.

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