Dentist just cancelled my appointment for this evening. Is that legal? Is he afraid of what he’ll find? He’s a friend, so we’re good. I go Saturday morning. Who know, but it might be my last visit for a while?

Long saga on doing some renovation work on the house. The Missus changed workers today. The one she was counting on has been giving her the run-around since last year. So banging and breaking could start next week.

Set up Christendom News on Twitter. All automatic, so I don’t have to tinker with it, except to oversee it, add some new feeds. Still need a better solution to get it to Facebook, but those “walled gardens,” as they’re called, just keep raising their walls.

If I could have set it up on Friendica or even heello, I might have. Trying to work around the walls or tunnel under the big guys, often unsuccessfully, gets tiresome.

I set out a new Daily Dozen list of things I want to do if I can get to them. Do you have something similar? I’m still revising it, will swap out a couple of items.

Oh, I figure if I get half of the DD that I’ll be doing good. Or is that self-defeating?

What do you think?