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A screen capture of the Brazil list page

If you’re not interested in details of history, just skip to the next post.

On 23 Sept 2002 I began the “Brazil” email list on associate.com, after deciding to abandon the Yahoo list, whose ads were getting irritating. The latter was started in Feb. 1999. Before that, I don’t remember. Probably just email.

The list was started to inform supporters and friends of our work. With the broadening of our ministry into the GoSpeak morph, the Brazil list didn’t quite describe the whole breadth of the evolving effort. So we started the GoSpeak site and the corresponding list/group on Posterous. I don’t remember the exact dates for that. The emails were transferred from the Brazil list to Posterous, and I just didn’t have the heart to immediately axe the old list.

Today I got a message from the associate.com service that the Brazil list had not been updated in three months and was so in danger of extinction. I wrote the owner, a kind soul who has been very helpful to me, and asked him to go ahead and delete it.

The end of any effort, no matter how small, always causes me a bit of sadness. So I register my grief here, but remember that it represents progress for the ministry as a whole.

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