Delayed delivery of a post to a discussion list

One discussion list participant wondered why a post he sent July 22 just now made it to the list.

I knew the answer. So I wrote:

Well, I talked to my good friend, the cousin of the uncle of the Yahoo owner’s wife’s mother. Since he’s so close to all of this, he was almost certain that it was probably a double-reverse inversion of the cybernetic system’s interaction with the web backbone’s switching mechanisms, especially considering that Mars is reaching its closest approach to the earth in centuries, and the sun was in high solar flare activity, in conjunction with the moon’s apogee, which, by the way, has caused some strange mammilian behavior which has been noted in a few of the scientific journals.

Also, there may have been some influence from the worldwide expectation of the release of the latest Harry Potter book, which would have, understandably, increased Internet activity and thus caused, together with speculation over the next Supreme Court nomination, certain delays in the delivery of email and the loading of web pages.

Why, I’m still waiting for a site to load that I clicked on at 18:42:97 hours on May 29.

Of this year, of course.

Now if that doesn’t explain it, then I really couldn’t say. 😉

Such is also the means by which not a few people reach conclusions about the will of God.

J. Randal Matheny

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