In Him Are God’s Deep Treasures

Christ treasure of God

The Lord has more than you could ever want,
As humble Servant, he’ll not boast or flaunt —
He must be sought — and all can easily find
His narrow way, can know his noble mind.

The world believes his glories hard oppress,
Its search for something better delivers less;
Pursuit of pleasure circles sea and sky,
But only Christ can truly satisfy.

In him are God’s deep treasures, all the best,
Outside of Christ, no hope, no joy, no rest;
His death redeems, his powerful word forgives,
Beyond the grave, we’ll praise the one who lives.

God raised him from the dead, and we will rise,
The tree of life before us, glad and wise,
To follow Christ and meet him in the air
With all the saints, to live in heaven’s square.

This present age can’t see his blessed joy,
Men flail about, and all they touch, destroy,
Christ heals the spirit, lifts the wounded soul,
In him is all, the every part and whole.

J. Randal Matheny

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