DBC: The Dead Speak

THE JIST – The Dead Speak

Samuel (1Sm 28). In this unique event where a dead person speaks to a living person, there was no change in the Lord’s word (v. 17). By his mention of what would happen the next day, Samuel merely confirms what has already been prophesied (v. 19).

Lazarus (Jn 11). Lazarus’s death (and resurrection) served the purpose of giving glory to God (v. 4). As a result, many believed in Jesus (v. 45).

Caiaphas (Jn 11:49-52). A man spiritually dead spoke words that had greater meaning than he ever intended.

People today seek the dead in order to know the future. Samuel told Saul the future — the next day’s events — that Saul and his sons would die (1Sm 28:19). Samuel knew this information, not because he was dead (or a spirit), but because he was a prophet and still spoke the word of the Lord. This revelation was from the Lord and not from the spirit of the dead.

When people believe in Jesus, God is glorified. Events that seem disastrous may in fact be the hand of God bringing glory to his Son.

God who protects his children, may my faith not waver in your faithfulness. Though your deliverance may seem to delay, let my trust remain strong until it sees your salvation. Amen.

J. Randal Matheny

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