Day for prayer

Today I’m keeping in mind several prayer requests that are special to me. If you have one you’d like me to add to my list, share it below and I’ll pray about it throughout the day.

And if you’d like to mention mine before the Lord, here are a couple of them from my list:

Our son Joel continues to search for a job; we pray the Lord will open the right door for him.

We pray that several people who have heard the gospel will obey the Lord.

J. Randal Matheny

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4 thoughts on “Day for prayer

  1. Please pray that we’ll have a safe trip to NC and back, and that my brother Jonathan, who is 26, and not a Christian, will hear something at church svcs there that will impact him (obeying the gospel would be even better!)

    Please also pray for our family. My husband is having some anxieties abt work, and our finances are continually dropping, while our expenses keep rising. It is stressful and while we work through these things well together, it is stressful, esp for him.

    Thanks so much for this! Will say a prayer for your son, and always for your financial support.


  2. This is a late request, but…….
    Please pray for a bother in Christ that is at the very top of the list waiting for a liver transplant. He has had two notices in the last two weeks to “Standby with a packed bag.” Size and blood type ruled him out. Pray for his emotional and mental well-being during this waiting time. He has also had some complications of blood vessels leading to his liver bursting and leaking. Please pray that this will not happen again. He came within a hair of dying after the last one a few weeks ago.

    Thank you and I will add your son Joel to my prayers as you are in them always, for the work you do in behalf of the gospel in Brazil.

  3. Hi, Jim, we remember this brother before the Lord.

    Update on Joel: he decided to pursue the Masters in NT at FHU. Financing still in flux, I think. Thanks!

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