Why did God, who knew that wiping the earth clean couldn’t make the soul of man pure, go ahead with the Flood? First it seems that perhaps the Flood story echoes a salvation story to come in ages far away into the future. Through one man is mankind saved. Judgment passes upon all (2 Peter 2:5). A family is saved by entering the ark “to escape the flood” (Gen 7:7 NLT, similar to many other versions).

Peter, of course, picks up the waters of the flood as a metaphor for baptism as the separator from sin (1 Pet 3:20-21, but the Genesis narrative suggests a greater point of correspondence than this. Yes, also, Jesus uses the suddenness of the flood to prefigure the surprise of those caught in their sin on Judgment Day (see Matt 24:37-38).

Perhaps the best answer, however, is to generate within man the expectation of a definitive solution. Starting over will never solve the problem of the human heart. Be they utopians, monks, or more pedestrian moves for a fresh start, a change of environment cannot effect fundamental change upon the post-adamic soul. For that, on the new Adam.

Having said that, the flood also stands as a testimony, as per 2 Peter 3, that God is never absent from his creation, never turns a blind eye to erring mankind, ever works to steer the man made in his own image into righteousness.

What say you?

And so we finish day 2 for our OT reading in 90 days. (No comment on Job tonight.)

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