Day 1: Five reflections from Genesis 1-2, with photos



The ipê-amarelo is in bloom, like this tree that I shot from the avenue down from our house this morning. Specimens of the same tree dot the city, including the traffic circle just across the Paraiba River. Though those are not so full as the one in the photo, they seem to sprinkle the traffic circle with joy. The azaleas at the edge of the traffic circle just this side of the river are bright, as well, their branches reaching out as if to bless the cars that round the curve.

Our front yard is full of flowers, the exoria is doing well, and the orchid under the carport is sprouting a stalk in preparation for a production of color.

The back yard has plants with some blooms as well, as this one below. Just don’t ask me the name of it. (Where’s Mike Carter?) The aloe vera blooms have just about played out, though.



From reading Genesis 1-2 so far in this beginning of our 90-day Bible reading plan, the narrative, along with the photos, reminds us of several truths.

Man was placed on earth as a caretaker. He finds pleasure in cultivation. Just ask any gardener or house-plant lover.

Each species reproduces after its own kind. Flowers are God’s pathway to seeds, and didn’t he choose beautiful shapes, colors, and processes through which he causes life to reproduce? Beauty and pleasure, such as Adam found in Eve. Yup, even sex is good.

I like NLT’s rendering of a mate that was “just right” for Adam. It gets to the idea.

The Garden of Eden is the source of watering the earth. The four rivers branch out from Eden. Usually we see the branches and tributaries feeding into the larger streams. In the beginning it was not so, apparently.

Last, the power of God’s word. In creation it is spoken. In Scripture it is written. But let us not forget that it is the same word of God, with the same power to create from nothing a living soul. The Bible as his word is not only a guide, but the tool of the life-giving Spirit to breathe into our dead souls a new life, eternal life, life of and with God.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

4 thoughts on “Day 1: Five reflections from Genesis 1-2, with photos

  1. Hey Randal,
    To me the mentioning of “after its own kind” in the creation account has always seemed like a hinge on the door statement when it come to the seed principle (whether plant or people). Recently I had an extended conversation with an “atheist/evolutionist” on my blog that started out about our existence from one man and one woman but soon turned into a discussion of creation vs. evolution. Check it out if you’re looking for some reading (but I know you read a lot already). The post’s name is “Confused about Creation.” Plus you may be able to give me some pointers for next time. Take care brother.

    1. Eugene, it does get things started off right, doesn’t it? From creation all the way to Gal. 6, where the seed principle is extended even to our works and manner of life.

      You have the specific link to that article?

      BTW, have you done any work in a specific Bible book, any special favorite you’ve thought on?

  2. Hey Randal,

    The link is Let me know what you think.

    As far as doing work in a specific Bible book I’ve only preached all the way through Nehemiah. I love the emphasis in that book of working for God, working together and working through discouragements – Nehemiah excelled in a three. Other than that the longest series I did was on the Sermon on the Mount. I think it took me a little more than 30 sermons to get through it. If I were to give my personal top 3 books (and it’s hard to do) I would go with Exodus, Gospel of John and probably Hebrews. Is that basically what you were asking?

    Take care brother.

    1. Good article, and good discussion there as well, Eugene. I was asking about specific books, since I’m starting to look for contributors to this project. How about at least 300 words for a single Bible chapter?

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