Daniel’s devotional today

From Utah, Daniel Haynes sends out a Daily Meditation, comprised of a short Scripture, and today’s caught my eye, more than usual, as I prime my spiritual pump. (Young people have no idea what that means; must change my metaphors.)

Here’s the verse with my meditation points inserted between brackets.

The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure [something of great value, to be prized above all else], hidden in a field [not obvious, not readily apparent], that a person [could be anyone, you, me, our neighbor] found [either by intense searching, as treasure hunters do, or by “accident,” because someone shared it] and hid [for the moment, so no one else could take it from him; we want to be sure to possess the gospel]. Then because of joy [the best thing that ever happened to me, it’s unbelievable!] he went [action to be able to take possession] and sold all that he had [the kingdom of heaven is worth exchanging all for that one thing, and all must be given up for it] and bought that field [see it through, do what you must do, to possess the kingdom; nothing else matters]. Matthew 13:44, NET

Off topic: I guess I connected the meditation strongly to Daniel and Utah, in the title and first paragraph, having just seen that someone on Facebook joined a group called Texarkana Devotional, or some such name. I thought it strange, then not so.

J. Randal Matheny

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