Daniel baptized, Lord’s supper on tennis courts

Jorge and Paula’s 12-year-old son Daniel was baptized at Taubat√© this afternoon. We rejoice at his decision. The baptism took place at our usual baptistery, the swimming pool of the sports club on the army base.

baptism Daniel

The kiosk we’ve used at the club was occupied, so we found some benches at the tennis courts and it was there I conducted the Lord’s supper. Have you ever eaten the Lord’s supper in a more interesting place?

Afterwards the ladies’ made the men wait to eat the brownies until they could reveal their secret sisters.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

4 thoughts on “Daniel baptized, Lord’s supper on tennis courts

  1. YIPPIE! and AMEN! How wonderful is this? At this rate you and Jorge are gonna convert the entire country….hey, that’s a great idea too…..!! Please give Jorge, Paula and Bro Daniel our best!
    Love you all,

    Mike and Mary

  2. Praise God for Daniel’s decision and the many church family brethren who sowed all those seeds so one might propagate!

    How about the Lord’s Supper with one other family in the departing gate area of an airport terminal awaiting a transoceanic flight?

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