Cry day and night


(Above: Brazilian sculptor Aleijadinho’s Isaiah.)

I wish that my head were a well full of water and my eyes were a fountain full of tears! If they were, I could cry day and night for those of my dear people who have been killed. Jeremiah 9:1 NET

One of the largest divisions of the Bible is that of the prophets of Israel, with charge after charge against the sins of the people of God. They contain appeals, warnings, threats, promises.

At first glance, one might think that the Old Testament was the covenant of the hardness and severity of God. On the contrary, the presence of the prophets in the holy Scriptures testifies to the patience and love of the Lord.

For all the prophets’ denunciations of the Israelites’ errors, behind the words they felt a profound pain at the peoples’ sin and a divine love and desire that on earth there might be justice, righteousness and seeking for things on high.

J. Randal Matheny

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1 thought on “Cry day and night

  1. Good analogy Randal.

    However, I have often thought of the Old Testament as a testament to the hard headedness of Israel.
    Can you possibly imagine actually walking, physically walking, across the desert with the physical presence of God in your very sight. Getting instructions from Him daily on how to live your life. Seeing the miracles of God first hand during your travels and STILL have the hardness of heart and head to disobey Him!

    I’ve heard believers say, “well, if God were here today, I just know it would be different”. I don’t think so. If people back then would disobey the commandments of God, knowing He was right there, I’m supposing today would be no different. Oh, for awhile things would be different. But after awhile, His presence would come to be accepted as just the way things are and man, being man, would begin to try and get over on Him. It’s the human way.

    God will always walk with us, it’s us that have the trouble walking with Him.


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