The pull of the crowd

We already know the truth, “You must not follow a crowd in doing evil things” Exodus 23.2 NET. We may not yet be as aware of the power of a crowd to sidetrack us from our mission.

The next morning Jesus departed and went to a deserted place. Yet the crowds were seeking him, and they came to him and tried to keep him from leaving them.
Luke 4.42 NET

In the next verse, Jesus resists their pressure, because he has his mission well in mind. But our purpose here is to call attention to the powerful pressure that a crowd exerts, often at the expense of the individual’s sense of mission.

This is true nowhere greater than in following Christ, in doing his work on earth, in speaking the truth of the gospel, in living wholly for God.

The crowd may not even ask for something wrong in and of itself. It may want us to feed it or help it in some way. (That’s called selfishness.) But it may keep us from the higher good of salvation.

Let me hear your voice, O God, and be convinced always by your word, not by the wooing and mooing of the crowd.

Hold this thought: Follow the voice of God, and not the crowd, / Whose clamor pulls from him with pleadings loud.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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  1. Ah, for more wisdom to know the how, when, too much and not enough, of ministry!!

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