Creation studies build faith

Also: Brazilian minister has heart attack, articles point the one way, mission recruiters go left.

Dr. Ricardo Trajano taught our monthly advanced study last Saturday on Creationism. Dentist and laser specialist, Ricardo works with the Vila Maria church in Sao Paulo. Because of his medical and scientific background, he has specialized in studies of Christian Evidences. His powerful PowerPoint presentation was faith-building.

Long-time Brazilian minister Alaor Leite suffered a light heart attack Sunday in the U.S. He and his wife Miriam were visiting family. He had a stent implanted and is scheduled to leave ICU tomorrow. He is hospitalized in Amarillo, Tex., according to his son Sidney. Alaor is an elder with the Itaquera congregation in Sao Paulo.

For last Sunday’s church bulletin I translated a 50-year-old article by Reuel Lemmons, “There Is But One Way,” and wrote a cover article to go with it, “From the Beginning, Nothing Has Changed.”

The missions recruiting ministry, Continent of Great Cities, announced Feb. 10 that it will host its first Continent Connection Conference for missionary men in October in the greater Sao Paulo area. They have done this previously for missionary women. We were chagrined, but not suprised, that the featured speaker is an evangelical psychologist. The ministry continues to move away from the gospel by such actions, and points up the need, as we stated earlier, for a new, concerted effort among faithful brethren to recruit missionaries who will evangelize according to Scripture and teach truth.

J. Randal Matheny

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