A very simple truth explains why so few people are willing to expose the works of darkness and point the way to the path of God. The truth is simple, but few are willing to embrace it.

But I am full of the courage that the LORD’s Spirit gives,
and have a strong commitment to justice.
This enables me to confront Jacob with its rebellion,
and Israel with its sin.
Micah 3.8 NET

How do we get that courage from the Lord’s Spirit? How do we develop a strong commitment to what is right?

It’s no secret. Simple steps.

Imbibe of the written Word inspired by the Spirit.

Ask God for courage, a request carried by the Spirit.

Be often with the saints, the people sanctified by the Spirit.

Renounce the ways of the world in your own life, allowing the Spirit room to work in you.

Such a person will save his own life and the souls of many.

God of power, God of mercy, make of me a man of might; Put in me your holy Spirit, put the devil’s host to flight.

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