People who come to Christ must first count the cost

discipleship-crossToday, I presented a sixth study to a good, but lost, man coming to Christ. Yesterday, we finished the five-lesson series, “What Must I Do?”. This morning’s study was about counting the cost, with three passages from Luke, one from Matthew, and one from Hebrews.

The study is designed to help the person realize there is great sacrifice to be made for the Kingdom of God. If a person is not willing to make that sacrifice, he should not be baptized.

As I mentioned to him, the study is not meant to discourage, but to motivate.

Wanna guess the exact texts used in the study?

J. Randal Matheny

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1 thought on “People who come to Christ must first count the cost

  1. We lose too many new converts because they aren’t taught completely and correctly to begin with. sometimes we get in too big of a hurry to baptize someone thinking we can teach them what they need to know to be faithful later but if they don,t really get to know God and Jesus and what they require of us to be a disciple they will fall away. Thanks Randall.

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