On Saturday a good friend, who’d prefer to remain nameless, broke his left clavicle and fractured a vertebrae. He spent all day in the emergency room. On Sunday morning, he got up, took a couple of aspirin, and taught his Bible school class.

His wife said he was just doing what he’d been trained to do in the military: complete the mission.

“I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith!” (2 Timothy 4:7 NET).

The course of our faith and mission for God is full of broken bones, upsets and downturns. None of them can ever be serious enough, however, to keep us from completing our mission.

Oh, God, make me like him who said, “It is finished!”

Keep this thought: Whatever be over the hill or around the bend, let nothing keep you from reaching the journey’s end.

What do you think?