The Complaint of Clay

O Lord, can clay complain to the Potter?
And say, Why did you make me this way?
Why did you treat me in this manner?
Why do I not have the shape or color
Of that beautiful, privileged pot? Why not
A better quality of clay for me?

Of course not! So why do I question
Your wisdom, smolder resentful,
And pout at my defects—‘Poor me!’
I do. You know I do. And still
You work to mold me, ungrateful vessel
That I am. In fear, I wonder:

Might you tomorrow decide to quit,
Abandon this clay, and start anew?

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

2 thoughts on “The Complaint of Clay

  1. Love this poem! And, no, I don’t think the Potter will ever abandon us and start over. He’ll just keep shaping us until we are beautiful and perfect like Him. He loves us that much. 🙂

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