Today I got two pieces of news about my poem “From Craters on the Moon,” which was sent back in February to the Cloudburst Poetry list.

First, Jonathan Hinckley, who has already scored one of my works, wrote an email today saying he was, with my permission, setting the poem to music. He has the melody on audio, has written the harmony, now working on complete audio.

Then, in the mail today came the Spring 2012 issue of the print periodical, WestWard Quarterly, the “magazine of family reading,” with the same poem included. I had submitted it some time back.

The big coincidence was in Jonathan’s email and the magazine coming on the same day.

So that obviously leaves me pleased.

(Cloudburst Poetry items aren’t online because those are intended to be submitted for print periodicals. But I can send this poem to you by email, if you’re interested.)

What do you think?