Where people think that truth is relative, all coordinates are lost on the moral and religious compass. I’ve been working with a few items lately, around the topics of postmoderism and new age religion. Perhaps those caused this poem to bubble up from the depths. That, and watching some swirling fog seemed to suggest the idea for the poem, “Upon the Fickle Tide.”

The rhyme scheme and meter are different from what I usually do, but it seemed to work for me here. Here’s the first stanza, the whole poem shared only on the closed email list.

Lost in the formless world of turning mist,
Where none go north and muddied waters twist,
No leading lines exist.

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And here’s a freebie in the same style, but different approach, with no title, but if I had to give it one, would be something like, “Any Ill but Mine.”

A scalding, scorching sun to boil the blood
And burn the scalp, makes me wish for gopherwood
And Noah’s scourging flood.

2 thoughts on “Cloudburst: Upon the Fickle Tide

  1. Enjoyed this one, sometimes life leaves us no clear path and at that dead end, I think Psalm 91 should go with this one for those tending to look in the mist “darkly”


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