Cloudburst Poem: War, clash of arms

With all this tiring talk of war, one would think we’d avoid the subject. Wrong.

It’s biblical, and the metaphor of war in the NT is more than appropriate. Hence it’s frequent appearance as a theme in my poetry.

Besides today’s poem, “War, that Hellish Clash of Arms,” yesterday I wrote another, shorter piece, both it and today’s inspired in the final stretch of Winston Churchill’s The Birth of Britain, where, one might imagine, war is a recurring topic. The other piece, not sent today, actually uses medieval quotes and a line slightly adapted from Churchill to make its point. More on that later.

Meanwhile, I’m working on a post (UPLift maybe?) using a quote from King Richard III on feelings of guilt.

In case you didn’t catch the point of today’s poem, it’s this: the war metaphor is more than apt for the struggle we wage against Satan’s influence and control in our lives.

Today, straightforward iambic tetrameter (which I’m using a lot lately) in AABB rhyme scheme.

For why I don’t post the poems online see HERE. If you ask, I’ll send you a copy of the email with the poem.

J. Randal Matheny

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1 thought on “Cloudburst Poem: War, clash of arms

  1. War, clash of arms certainly struck a cord in my heart as we are in His battle and feel privilaged to be so involved.
    Though it has come to my attention again recently that we must also discipline ourselves as soldiers to ‘come apart’ for a time of R & R or else we will ‘come apart.’
    For the King & His kids,

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