I’d mentioned Monday that I had a Cloudburst poem up my sleeve. It was inspired by Jorge’s reading of Luke 9:62 in his sermon Sunday at Taubaté. At that moment, the first stanza appeared, then early Monday morning, the other three got written out in my agenda.

It goes out now to the Cloudburst Syndicated Poetry list, so no one sees it outside of that medium. I think I know to what publication I will submit it. Let’s see if they bite.

I mentioned it’s one of my favorites, both from the subject matter—discipleship—and the tight four-foot meter. The five-line stanzas are a variation on my usual. I’m thinking it might make good lyrics for a hymn.

If you’d like to read the poem, let me know, and I’ll email you a copy.


2 thoughts on “Cloudburst Poem: My Hand Is on the Plow

  1. A really nice meditation on the reward that pulls the worker on! Strong imagery, and an even stronger faith is seen in this poem. Well done, brother!

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