Cloudburst Poem: Marred

It’s short, but running up to the Christmas season, who has time for long poems?

Yesterday I was reading the devotional, Our Daily Bread, which comes to me through an independent email list, in text format, which I like. I just started getting it recently, or it started coming again after a lull, and I’ve not had any doctrinal beefs with it so far. Those will probably come, but I’ve appreciated the content. Plus the quatrain that accompanies each meditation, from a hymn or poem. (I have searched for a missionary-themed devotional service, to no avail.)

The title of my poem today, the same as the devotional thought by one David C. McCasland, captures a bit of the thought of the meditation.

The phrase about Jesus growing (when at Christmas people think of the baby) also echoes Richard Mansel’s fine article, “The Baby Grew Up,” published Tues.

So now you know.

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J. Randal Matheny

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