Cloudburst: ‘Hell Is Where They Will Reside’


When politicians talk about sending somebody to hell, beware! Let them restrict themselves to actions for this life. Let God take care of assigning people to their eternal destination. Today’s Cloudburst offering touches on this and on how Christ’s disciples have a far greater concern than justice, as man defines it, but work to save others.

Today’s piece contains an irregular meter of 4-4-4-3 in an ABAB rhyme pattern.

Here’s the first stanza for the unwashed masses who have yet to sign up to the list.

“Hell is where they will reside,”
Is said of vile and violent men,
By powerful heads who themselves divide,
And seek to rule again.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

2 thoughts on “Cloudburst: ‘Hell Is Where They Will Reside’

  1. It is interesting that politicians can decide that hell is a fitting place for those of a violent nature, but they scurrilously condemn those who might suggest that hell is also where the impenitent immoral citizens of our country will also reside. The violence against the unborn also seems to rival the evil of terrorists who destroy life outside the womb. I guess it is encouraging that someone in high office believes there is a hell, and agrees that it will be populated.

    1. Spot on, Ken, about abortionists, whose evils far surpass any known war. On belief in hell, let’s hope he wasn’t speaking metaphorically.

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