Clarity of holiness

Without a life dedicated to God, we lack certainty of his cause and the clarity of holiness. With such a life, we speak with confidence.

The LORD judges the nations.
Vindicate me, LORD, because I am innocent,
because I am blameless, O Exalted One!
May the evil deeds of the wicked come to an end!
But make the innocent secure,
O righteous God,
you who examine inner thoughts and motives!
Psalm 7.8-9 NET

The truth that God examines thoughts and motives was not a a reason for David to refrain from asking for God’s judgment, but served exactly as the basis for his request. For he knew whose side he was on.

If you hesitate about judgment, it may well be indicative of the lack of integrity (verse 8) in your relationship with God.

If that’s the case, there is need of repentance.

Father, may I be right in my relationship with you, so that I may be certain of all the rest. By the righteousness of Christ, amen.

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