Churches Note Gains and Losses

JPG of report08febBelow is the pdf document for our February work report. (Or click on screenshot at right.)

I bounce back and forth between doing a monthly round-up, but they have their value, I suppose.

The six headlines on the two-page document are these:

  • FEBRUARY REPORT: Churches Note Gains and Losses
  • Personal website rewired, other ministries helped
  • Other news: BNc to launch, Christian camp threatened
  • Pray without ceasing: the weak, funds, invitation
  • Family focus: Joel goes to Africa, wedding pictures still up
  • Upcoming: women meet in Taubaté, Randal goes to northeast

There are quite a few embedded links, so be sure to download the document and read up on what’s been happening around here, as well as check out all those interesting links. Click and pray: report08february

J. Randal Matheny

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