A denomination here exists called “The Church of Christ in Brazil.” My translation, literal. Today, a follower on my church Twitter account wrote to ask if we were “in Brazil” or “of Brazil,” from the one that had a certain pastor as president. I wrote to say that I never read in the New Testament about the church having a president.

Just goes to demonstrate that you can’t say “church” with anything attached to it without people thinking in denominational terms. I usually avoid it. On the Internet, however, I’ve used “church of Christ,” among other descriptions, so brethren can locate us. I’m not so sure that it’s a good trade-off, though.

Over on TFR I share thoughts on Easter Eve, “The Saddest Sabbath of Them All.

Portuguese has no free-use Bible version like the NET Bible or the WEB. Some guys are working on one, but it has some flaws, to my mind: using the Textus Receptus as a base and maintaining old language with verb forms similar to “thou thinkest.” They seem to be doing a good job within those constraints. I quoted it today in my Portuguese devotional.

I promised myself to get some Internet service at the office next week and occupy my space there. It’s been good to be working from home, though. Pajama mode, and all that. But the wife can handle only so much of me. Much like sugar. Too much of a good thing.

Tomorrow, Lord permitting, I will reach my goal of breaking the previous record, set three times, of 20 devotionals in a month. Now, back in 1999, I hit 22 twice and 23 once, but that was ancient history, and I was using YahooGroups (or was it OneList back then?). Who knows, though, there’s still a bit of the month left after tomorrow.

This weekend is the big national men’s event, the first one I’ve missed since moving to Sao Paulo state in 1985. I’ve done fairly well not to think too much about it.

In recent articles on the Brazilian websites, I’ve written about how we have to find out what people believe before inviting them to, or going to, an event and about not extending the hand of fellowship to false teachers. I detest controversy. I hate conflict. But there are times to speak out, and this is one of those times.

Otherwise, we might as well hang out the sign “The Church of Christ of Brazil” (since “in Brazil” is already taken) and be one of the many denominations out there. Anybody among us for president?

2 thoughts on “Church presidents, names, pajamas

  1. Great sundry thoughts, especially the pajama part. Our human inclination to “title” everything religious is unfortunate. In a quest to be distinctive by title only (or primarily), we limit ourselves greatly. It is by character (love) and fruit that we are known (I hear a poem coming on!). Blessings, prez. 😉

  2. Identifying a person’s position before active fellowship, I greatly respect your selective speaking out. Preach on, brother!

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