Oklahoma church offers cold beers

If the Catholics can brew it, this group belonging to the Disciples of Christ denomination can share it, right? Especially if it’s for the good purpose of attracting souls, right?

A church in Tulsa is causing a stir with an event this weekend. East Side Christian Church is bringing cold beers into the sanctuary. (via Oklahoma church offering cold beers this weekend | KFOR.com.)

HT, Paul Goddard.

Reminds me of the church that started in a beer hall. Reckon they replaced the fruit of the vine with their favorite brand of beer?

A former missionary here in Brazil was invited back to speak to a large lectureship. He told the listeners to forget that traditional stuff he’d taught them when a missionary. You know, baptism for the remission of sins, men leading in worship, singing with the heart. They now ought to do whatever it takes to get people in the church. Maybe he’d like this idea of offering a cold beer.

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2 thoughts on “Oklahoma church offers cold beers

  1. Sad to see people being into the church what many walked “out of” to follow The Lord. No discernment.

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