Here’s our Christmas Eve 2009 at table: Vicki’s veggie pizza, with homemade crescent roll dough, was the main course, with broccoli and dinky tomatoes, cheese only one one half so I could avoid the lactose. Then …

Then, potato bread rolls that were delicious, homemade chicken patê, almondaise, which goes good on everything, a bought black-olive patê, and other assorted goodies. Everything was very tasty. The boys and wives weren’t here and we missed them, but we had fun as well.

On the flickr page is this and gift-opening pics also. More to come.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve meal

  1. Randal and Vicki,

    The pizza and the other foods look delicious! Not a fan of broccoli, but I like the rest of the “goodies” you all partook of.

    We had cereal and peanut butter/jelly sandwiches last night. A small contrast to what you folks had. HA!

    However, we plan on having the “traditional” Christmas dinner today – will make up for last night. (:


  2. The lunch menu calls for Mexican chicken, at Leila’s request, along with potato cassarole, crescent rolls and caesar’s salad. Coming up shortly.

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