Christians react to media portrayal of church

I read this in Yahoo’s church-of-Christ group, a letter to the editor of The Tennessean:

Church Being Unfairly Portrayed

“As a lifelong female member of the church of Christ, I must speak up concerning the picture that is being painted of us in the media in conjunction with the trial of Mary Winkler.

“Of course, as in all churches and society in general, there are men (and women, too) who are controlling and unbending within our fellowship and some of them may be ministers. However, that is not the norm.

“It has been my observation over the years that most couples in the churches of Christ are partners. They make decision together and the wife has equal input into the decision-making process. The men in churches of Christ are taught to love their wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for it. A husband is not taught to lord over his wife, but is to cherish her and love her as he loves himself.

“I resent the church I love being portrayed as a narrow-minded group of people whose women are suppressed and subservient.

“This is just not true and I am tired of being portrayed in that light.”

J. Randal Matheny

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