This just appeared from the Christian Chronicle in a notice entitled Why we revised advertising policy:

“The advertising policy of The Christian Chronicle, as determined by the Chief Executive Officer, is to accept ads that publicize Christian services, ministries, events and products that we deem to be of general interest to our readers.

• “Additionally, ads must clearly have a positive, harmonious Christian spirit that is consistent with the threefold mission of the paper to inform, inspire and unite.
• “Because the Chronicle is a Christian newspaper, ads that are statements of doctrinal positions or negative pronouncements about people, churches or ministries will not be included.”

Hot on the heels of an ad that lists brethren who believe instrumental music violates the Lord’s will for the church’s worship, the Christian Chronicle now refuses to accept “statements of doctrinal positions.”

The notice is dated November 1, but was online at least by October 31, the day we accessed it.

It is inevitable to avoid the connection between the appearance of the a cappella ad and the modification of the ad policy, which had to have taken a few days, at least, to discuss and decide.

The ad “A Time to Speak,” included in the October 2007 edition, provided a rationale “Why We Are For A Cappella,” as well as a full-page, five-column list of “Preachers Already Affirming This Statement.”

The ad policy change was seen to be more consistent with the Chronicle’s purpose “to inform, inspire and unite Churches of Christ around the globe.”

With this ad change, the pages of the Chronicle are closed even tighter against congregations and Christians who resist the progressive tendencies they see in the paper.

2 thoughts on “Christian Chronicle Blocks Ads

  1. It’s just a reflection of the post-modern, pluralistic, politically corrent and “tolerant” society America is turning or has turned into.

    The ad to me proved that those preachers are informed, united and inspired by the common faith.

  2. Sad, huh? My name was on that list in the Chronicle affirming the statement for a capella music in worship. If we do not stand for something, we will fall for anything. Sadly, many are running in that direction.

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