The Choice

God, as just and justifier, gave
His only Son in sacrifice, to save
A broken soul — not any soul, but mine —
And yours as well — by his eternal design.

Before us, near us, comes his word of truth,
That shines above the lingering human myth
Of works that prove to God our rising worth —
As if we could divert the heavenly wrath.

Good God! To you I say: I choose
Golgotha’s path, the attested, blessed News
Of Christ. May he consume in fiery flames
My every thought to offer righteous claims.

For Christ is all in all, and more to me
Than seven worlds and all they hold — Set free,
O God, to find in him my true success,
Possessing him alone, and all possess.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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