Homemade chocolates for Valentine’s Day

healthy chocolates
healthy chocolates
The Missus made me homemade healthy chocolates for Valentine’s Day

I’m not sure what all is in them, but they’re made with real chocolate powder, coconut oil, and stevia. All natural, and very tasty.

Thirty-six years ago today we got engaged. It’s lasted because The Missus has had enough patience not to do away with me, even after reaching the empty-nest phase of life.

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2 thoughts on “Homemade chocolates for Valentine’s Day

  1. Ya know, “all natural” doesn’t mean the same thing here as in your case. Under FDA guidelines, “natural” is an umbrella under which literally thousands of harmful things can be jammed into the food supply, solomg as they come from nature, relatively unaltered. The word “organic” is now reserved for the food our forebears ate, without all the nasties.
    Anyway, glad you enjoyed; looks delicious!

    1. The gov loves hair-splitting, doesn’t it? Oh, I forgot, they’re almost all lawyers …

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