From Japanese evangelist Masa Nonogaki:

“After the supper we sing a couple of spiritual songs and hymns. After that, we pray for our family, church family and our friends who are lost and not knowing Jesus. Our kids (12 and 10 years old boys) are interested in becoming a Christian, but their motives are wrong. “I wish to eat the bread and drink the juice with father and mother.” That is pretty close. I told them to read the entire Bible at least four times. They started reading it and now read it every day.”

Quite a novel approach to have your children read the Bible through four times.

We usually think of sitting them down and studying the Bible with them, as I did with my three. Certainly both are valid approaches, but Masa’s instructions to his boys caught my eye. His children were raised in a Christian home, so they likely have a good idea of what the Cross means and what one must do to be saved.

Masa is needing additional support for his work, BTW.

What do you think?