peanutsI sent a smart-aleck tweet on Charlie Brown earlier, so I checked Wikipedia’s entry on the cartoon character for good measure. Found this:

“Umberto Eco has pointed out that the fact that Charlie Brown is invariably referred to by his full name follows a convention found in epic poetry giving Charlie Brown a sense of universal identification.”

When my mom referred to me by my full name I was in for an epic lamentation in a place of universal application.

• Beginning to question more and more the need for my personal blog. I could do the devotionals on FMag or TFR or GoSpeak or … Even a lot of my Journey entries are on TFR now. So is my identity now BNc/TFR/FMag etc.?

• Getting the word out on the Internet is such a big and important task. I’ve spent as much or more time doing that today for our family of websites as I have writing. Much of the consumption of brotherhood material is done in-house, even on the Internet. The old saw of preaching to the choir. Reminds me that the gospel is the same. We have really got to get the word out in the public, in the praça (plaza), as Brazilians would say.

• Speaking of GoSpeak, I’m way behind on getting out a report for June. Yes, June. It’s over half finished, but I got sidetracked. (This my ministry and report site.)

• Latest criminal tactic, according to local news, is a man coming up to your car as you’re leaving a mall or supermarket, who says you’re leaking gas or something, and then when you exit your car to check, he jumps in and takes off, leaving you there on foot. And feeling stupid.

3 thoughts on “Charlie Brown and epic poetry

  1. I believe Peppermint Patty did call him “Chuck,” yes?
    As for being behind, I spent hours today editing 3 months worth of radio work (Apr., May, June) for copy and distribution. Mailing list must think I died. Good thing the program’s still fresh every week. So, feel great about yourself!

    • She did, at that. And the Wikipedia article mentions others, with an explanation (a bit of disdain, I think). Where do you post those sermons?

  2. Hmm, they don’t get posted online. Only thing online is a link to the radio station’s website, which runs 24/7 streaming. So, Sunday mornings at 9, people can hear it. I set up a link each week on our church’s FB page (we still don’t have a website). However, we offer the CDs and/or manuscripts for free over the air. A few folks receive them monthly (by request), and we get orders for individual lessons from time to time.

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